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VBUz :- 1. VBUz Languages House 2. VBUz Adventure Sports - Hot Air Ballooning 3. VBUz Child Safety Consultant 4. Authorized Retailer for KIDSAGE children National News Paper VBUz Languages House:- We, ‘VBUz Languages House, committed to keep pace with the changing educational needs of students under its care, we also own the responsibility of making available opportunities for continuous up - gradation of students. We provide NATIVE & INDIAN TEACHERS for Spanish, French, Chinese & German languages in schools, colleges and corporate. VBUz Languages House offers customized linguistic system for institutions to enable their students to be more fluent with the mentioned languages; it will also enhance their skills and later on help them immensely in the professional world. We are experienced in providing offline & online foreign languages with Local & Native Teachers. We focus on: • Listening comprehension • Oral communication • Reading • Grammar and Writing Benefits: 1. Syllabus as per DELF/ DELE & D.I.E guidelines 2. Assessments as per DELF/ DELE & D.I.E guidelines 3. Teacher's replacement available if required 4. Teacher Training Programs. 5. Educational Publications and Teaching Materials ----------------------------------- VBUz Adventure Sports & Summer camp organizer :- We are experienced in Adventure Activities & Summer Camps, for School/Colleges & Institutes. Our love for outdoor, combined with passion for adventure, as well as absorbing the importance of reaching out to make difference; both locally and nationally and have kept us at the forefront of adventure – based companies. VBUz is an adventure-based research organization, continuously involved in the process of finding innovative uses of adventure activities in the positive transformation of an individual. We help clients achieve what they want, with a promise that they would discover something new each time. Following are offered activities we offer to you: 1 Hot Air Ballooning 2 Space Chair 3 Pressure Rocket 4 Roller Ball /Zorb Ball 5 Power Swing 6 Rock Climbing 7 Bamboo Bridge 8 Archery 9 Gun Shooting 10 Bouncy 11 Tattoo Artist 12 Cartoon Characters 13 DJ 14 Bouncy 15 Mechanical bull 16 Rope Climbing 17 Trampoline 18 Zip Line/ Flying Fox 19 Balloons decoration 20 Commando Net ---------------------------------------- VBUz also expertise in Child Safety & Tracking Solutions and the national newspaper KIDS AGE :- Child Safety is becoming a primary concern across the world and more so in developing nations like ours. Our Venture, Evoxyz Technologies is a Gurugram based IoT tech start-up building child safety solutions with a goal of making each parent feel safe about their children. With a key vision of leveraging the enormous smartphone penetration and IoT wearables for children, we have already built a child safety solution known as EvoSchool which is commercially deployed in various schools across India. We are authorized retailer for EvoSchool – Child Safety solution, which enables school to have real time knowledge of the whereabouts of their children and their daily activities in school. Please find attached a detailed presentation on the same. A differentiating offering as a part of EvoSchool is Location Management System for both Indoor and Outdoor location management, which ensures CHILD SECURITY & TRANSPORT SECURITY using extremely Safe and Low Radiation Technology. The app is the key! With a mobile app for every task that we do, we ensure that our schools engage their parents well and can send information and receive it with a push! Related Video Links :- ------------------------------------------- Kids Age - A First of its Kind Monthly Newspaper for the Children of Indian Schools :- KIDS AGE the widest read monthly children newspaper for the students of Indian schools since 2006 for classes KG to 8. It is the first 3D Newspaper which has achieved awards for being “ASIA’s MOST INNOVATIVE NEWSPAPER”, “THE FIRST WET AND REVEAL NEWSPAPER”, “THE FIRST CODED NEWSPAPER” and “THE FIRST GLOW IN THE DARK NEWSPAPER”. We provide “learning with fun approach” for students with information across the globe including fun filled puzzles, games, stories and jokes. It will be an excellent opportunity for students to explore their creativity, think out of the box and get them published and be rewarded. Why should students subscribe to KIDS AGE? - It provides four special editions: • 3D issue with free 3D Glasses • Coded issue with free Spy Decoder • Glow in the Dark • Wet and Reveal - It provides two Magical Games throughout the year. - It publishes all current affairs relevant to school students. - It provides information related to different schools. - It provides fun activities, jokes, puzzle, stories, etc. which contribute to the overall growth of students. - It encourages students to interact with others by participating in the various competitions organized by KIDS AGE. - It provides an opportunity for students to become member of KIDS AGE BIRTHDAY CLUB. - It helps the students to choose the right career for themselves. - It also provides a platform for teachers, parents and students to put forward their views and ideas.


Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages

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