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Foreign language coaching Call us 9781587788 we are the leading institute for foreign languages and specialized in Spanish language, chinese language, French language etc with world class expert staff based at ludhiana, Punjab , india Spanish language coaching school in ludhiana Spanish coaching institute in ludhiana Spanish language tuition ludhiana World class foreign language institute in ludhiana World class foreign language institute in indian Ludhiana no 1 foreign language coaching center Ludhiana no 1 Spanish institute Ludhiana no 1 Chinese institute Ludhiana no 1 french institute
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Contact Us 9781587788 ABOUT VBUz :- 1. VBUz Languages House 2. VBUz Adventure Sports - Hot Air Ballooning 3. VBUz Child Safety Consultant 4. Authorized Retailer for KIDSAGE children National News Paper VBUz Languages House:- We, ‘VBUz Languages House, committed to keep pace with the changing educational needs of students under its care, we also own the responsibility of making available opportunities for continuous up - gradation of students. We provide NATIVE & INDIAN TEACHERS for Spanish, French, Chinese & German languages in schools, colleges and corporate. VBUz Languages House offers customized linguistic system for institutions to enable their students to be more fluent with the mentioned languages; it will also enhance their skills and later on help them immensely in the professional world. We are experienced in providing offline & online foreign languages with Local & Native Teachers. We focus on: • Listening comprehension • Oral communication • Reading • Grammar and Writing Benefits: 1. Syllabus as per DELF/ DELE & D.I.E guidelines 2. Assessments as per DELF/ DELE & D.I.E guidelines 3. Teacher's replacement available if required 4. Teacher Training Programs. 5. Educational Publications and Teaching Materials ----------------------------------- VBUz Adventure Sports & Summer camp organizer :- We are experienced in Adventure Activities & Summer Camps, for School/Colleges & Institutes. Our love for outdoor, combined with passion for adventure, as well as absorbing the importance of reaching out to make difference; both locally and nationally and have kept us at the forefront of adventure – based companies. VBUz is an adventure-based research organization, continuously involved in the process of finding innovative uses of adventure activities in the positive transformation of an individual. We help clients achieve what they want, with a promise that they would discover something new each time. Following are offered activities we offer to you: Hot Air Ballooning Space Chair Pressure Rocket Roller Ball /Zorb Ball Power Swing Rock Climbing Bamboo Bridge Archery Gun Shooting Bouncy Tattoo Artist Cartoon Characters DJ Bouncy Balloons decoration Rope Climbing Trampoline Zip Line/ Flying Fox Balloons decoration Commando Net Balloons decoration
Come and Learn French with VBUz - Best Institute in Ludhiana The French Language In 1867, French became one of the two languages in Canada that could be used in parliamentary debates as well as any Canadian court established under the Constitution Act. Its official status was later confirmed in 1969 under the first Official Languages Act which ensured that every Canadian would have access to federal services in the official language—English or French—of their choice. Since then, numerous events and policies have continued to frame the French language as a fundamental and important characteristic of Canadian identity. The most notable is the Constitution of 1982 which clearly states the importance of language rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms. French, it would seem, is here to stay. Nearly Ten Million Canadians Speak French According to Statistics Canada’s 2011 Census of Population, approximately 10 million people reported being able to speak in French. Of these, 7.9 million people reported they speak French at home on a regular basis. In recent years, there has been a slight decline in Canada of Canadians (outside of Quebec) who are fluent in French. However, with a strong government mandate, and companies continually seeking employees who are able to communicate in both English and French, there are still many reasons why you should consider improving or marketing your French language skills in Canada. Benefit # 1: It’s good for business: New Brunswick, one of the francophone regions of Canada, reports that its bilingual workforce has been a key reason why it has attracted big corporate players. As a result, being bilingual might be a key reason why you have a better chance of being hired in bilingual organizations. Benefit # 2: Being bilingual increases your opportunities in your job search: Statistically speaking, knowing more than one language increases the options you have within the job market. Whether it is because the workplace needs someone who can get into contact with a certain community or they have a special need for language-based service (i.e., interpretation and translation services), your French skills can become important in such situations. Benefit # 3: You can work in French-speaking parts of Canada. Relocating from a city in Canada that you’ve already settled in may not be an easy choice but there are opportunities to consider that may not only improve your job prospects, but also your quality of life. Speaking French will give you the freedom to work anywhere in Canada. Benefit # 4: You get paid more: If by any chance, you have found your bilingual opportunity, chances are you are paid more for it. As this Globe and Mail article points out: “[Canadian] men who know both languages earn an average income 3.8 per cent higher than those who know English only. Bilingual women earn 6.6 per cent more.” Benefit # 5: Being bilingual is better for your brain: The ability to speak more than one language is true for many skilled immigrants who settle in Canada. It is important to cultivate that ability, not only for the reasons listed above, but also because it might actually be good for your brain. As stated in this Guardian article: “A superior ability to concentrate, solve problems and focus are, of course, valuable in everyday life. But perhaps the most exciting benefit of bilingualism occurs in ageing, when executive function typically declines: bilingualism seems to protect against dementia.” If you speak other languages in addition to English, you are off to a great start already. For all of the benefits listed above, and more, consider adding French as one of your professional languages. Doing so will expand the possibilities of your career path in Canada.
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Spanish language Call us 9781587788 we are the leading institute of foreign languages and specialized in Spanish language in ludhiana Spanish expert in ludhiana Spanish consultant in ludhiana Spanish teacher in ludhiana Spanish coach in ludhiana Spanish tutor in ludhiana India's no 1 Spanish language expert
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